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Perceptiv™ Cognitive Supplement

PERCEPTIV is a clinically proven, all natural formula that will help keep your mind clear, sharp, and active. PERCEPTIV has been proven in multiple university studies to be effective for adults of all ages, as well as people experiencing the normal cognitive decline associated with aging. The unique patents pending formula in PERCEPTIV has been shown to:

• Protect against the normal cognitive decline associated with aging
• Enhance mental clarity in adults of all ages
• Help improve memory
• Help restore a healthy mood
• Improve executive function by an average of 20%
• Increase focus and concentration

After taking PERCEPTIV, participants benefited from enhanced mental clarity, improved memory and a healthier mood.* You can, too.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Real results from people who Think Better™

“I don’t get the mid-afternoon brain fade anymore. I stay mentally alert throughout the day.”

“He is feeling so much better and more alert that he wants to drive the car again.”

“I want to stay as sharp as I can in my business. However, I noticed that I was having trouble remembering certain things and names from time to time. After regularly taking PERCEPTIV, I feel that I am sharper than I have been in a while.”

“He has more energy…Engages in conversation again...”


Price: $59.95 (60 caplets - 1 month supply)
Price: $99.90 (120 caplets - 2 month supply)
Buy 3 and get one FREE!
Price: $179.85 (240 caplets - 4 month supply)
Supplement facts

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