Vaccinations for Andover, MA & Merrimack Valley

Our pharmacists at Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy Plus can deliver almost 20 vaccinations to patients, in keeping with Massachusetts legislation. For over 90 years the staff at Letourneau’s has provided the excellent customer service needed to keep the community healthy, not only through vaccinations but through custom compounds (link to Compound page) and mobility aids such as lift chairs and power scooters for all sorts of ailments.

Located in Andover, MA, we are conveniently located for all patients in Merrimack Valley looking for vaccinations.

Vaccines Offered

We are proud to provide the following vaccines:

Shingrix (Shingles)
Prevnar 13 (Pneumonia)
Pneumovax 23 (Pneumonia)
Engerix-B (Hepatitis B)

Havrix (Hepatitis A)
Boostrix (Tdap)
MMR-II (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)
Menactra (Meningitis)

Gardasil (HPV)
Varivax (Chicken Pox)
Seasonal Flu
And more

Call us today for a complete list of our vaccinations.

Vaccination Hours & Requirements

Except for seasonal flu, we must have a doctor’s prescription before administering any vaccine and cannot immunize anyone under the age of 18. Give us a call to receive pricing and insurance information.

Vaccines do not require an appointment. However, please call in advance of your visit so we can verify the shot you require is available!

For more information regarding the vaccines we offer, pricing and insurance information, contact us today at 978-475-7779.